About Us

The ability to freely view information is a pursuit for a team of engineers based in California. As a result, we emerge the most technologically advanced tools to create PlutoBoXX. This revolutionary device bypasses the geographic blocked sites, censorship and firewall restrictions. PlutoBoXX is a first of its kind available on the market offering users uninterrupted VPN service. PlutoBoXX is simply HASSEL FREE!

With the device plugged in, your PlutoBoXX becomes automated. Our proprietary and intelligent routing algorithm will automatically connect to the first available server, therefore, the VPN service adjusts to the connection continuously, allowing users to have full internet access.

PlutoBoXX is programmed for 12 months of uninterrupted VPN service, powered by PlutoVPN, that provide users with worldwide internet connectivity. PlutoBoXX is the ultimate internet security solution that secures your web surfing and maintains your anonymity and privacy with maximum protection. Roam freely with PlutoBoXX, and enjoy our unparallel VPN service.

PlutoBoXX's vision is to strive to deliver the best product that reach beyond borders.