Q: What is VPN?
A: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s a way of connecting your system, or computer , to a remote server in an encrypted manner that can use protocols and authentication to maintain security. The functionalities of VPN are many, namely:
  • Online Protection – Your data is encrypted and protected. At public Wi Fi hotspots, your data is not protected, it can be hacked.
  • Privacy Protected- Using VPN can hide your online identity / location , and you can surf the internet safely, and anonymously.
  • Access to blocked websites - VPN service allows you to surf freely and without borders.
Q: Who is PlutoVPN?
A: PlutoVPN is backbone of PlutoBoXX. PlutoVPN have the broadest scope of VPN service available worldwide. We offer VPN services with high penetration to many different markets.
We offer different service plans including Scratch Card service, Pay-As-You-Go plan and monthly plans to cater for the diverse needs of our customers, and we have launched our new iOS and Android app.
With the latest introduction of PlutoBoXX, we cover all spectrums of VPN services; no other company has the depth of vision. We are true to our company’s name : One of A Kind Business– OAKbes.

Q: Why do I need the PlutoBoXX?
A: Freedom of information is a motto for a team of engineers based in California. As a result, by employing the most technologically advanced software programs, the team has developed this device, PlutoBoXX, to bypass the firewall restrictions.
Unlike any other VPN services in the market, our team of engineers has developed a unique software approach, which intelligent route your connection to our servers. A patent application for this proprietary code is filed.
This is a breakthrough in providing a seamless approach to access blocked websites and / or contents. Combining hardware and software for the first kind, PlutoBoXX greatly enhance the usage of VPN services.
Remember, PlutoBoXX is programmed up to 5 devices logging on simultaneously in your VPN service plan.

Q: What about privacy issues?
A: For the fact, users do not need to register to use PlutoBoXX, we provide you with an anonymous web surfing. We are absolutely committed to protecting your privacy, in the strict sense of the word: Anonymous.

Q: How does PlutoBoXX compare to the competition?

A: There is no like kind competitions exist in today’s market; we are the first of its kind.
PlutoBoXX is the first device of its kind on the market, with the most technologically advanced software programs, offering our users convenience of VPN service. The keyword here is HASSEL-FREE.
After the unit is plugged in, our proprietary and intelligent routing algorithm will automatically adjust the connection continuously, and allow the user to have full internet access.
Our tagline says it all– beyond borders.

Q: What is the factory default settings of PlutoBoXX?
A: As a Wi- Fi router without VPN connection mode.

Q: How to turn on VPN connection ?
A: Once open up your web browser, where a pop-up window shows up, user can follow a few simple steps to turn on VPN connection, and the blue LED light will come ON once the device is in VPN connection.

Q: What does the blue LED indicator light mean on PlutoBoXX?
A: If the light keeps blinking, this means the device is booting.
If the light is OFF, this means the device is not in VPN connection mode.
If the light is ON, this means the device is in VPN connection mode.

Q: What devices / operating system are supported by PlutoBoXX?
A: It could be the access point for multiple WiFi enabled devices, such as PC, laptop, tablets, smartphones etc.
Q: Where can I locate the default SSID and password of PlutoBoXX?
A: The default SSID and password are printed on the label located at the side of the PlutoBoXX.
Q: Is there any bandwidth limit when using PlutoBoXX?
A: We do not limit the bandwidth. Your bandwidth limit depends on the type of network connection you have with your ISP.
Q: How is the server list updated?
A: The server lists will be updated automatically on a daily basis.
Q: How is the firmware updated?
A: When a firmware update is required, It will automatically update itself. An update notice will be sent to user when they log into the “Go to My PlutoBoXX” page , where they can click the “Firmware Update” button and start the update process.
Q: Why does the PlutoBoXX sometimes take longer time to connect?
A: PlutoBoXX will connect to a random server in your selected region, however, if that particular server is blocked, then it’ll try the next available server until it can be connected, time required for connection might be longer.
Q: What is DHCP connection?
A: This is the default connection when you connect the PlutoBoXX at home or office.
Q: What is PPPoE connection?
A: If you connect the PlutoBoXX to your home DSL modem, normally you are required to enter the username and password provided by your ISP.
Q: In café style environment, password will be given to patrons for login purpose, if they come back the next day, and continue to access PlutoBoXX VPN service, what can we do?
A: Please log on to our website: www.PlutoBoXX.com, you can always change your password under “Go To My PlutoBoXX” page. This service is FREE OF CHRAGE.
Q: Can I select any particular server (country) of my likings?
A: Yes, please visit our website: www.PlutoBoXX.com, you may choose the array of servers being offered by PlutoVPN service under “Go To My PlutoBoXX” page.
Q: How to extend the service after 12-month subscription?
A: You can subscribe another 12-month service by visiting our website: www.PlutoBoXX.com.