PlutoBoXX is a First of Its Kind – Wi-Fi router with VPN connection. It has been programmed to 12 months of uninterrupted VPN services, powered by PlutoVPN, provide users with an anonymous web surfing. Also, it supports up to 5 devices logging on simultaneously in your VPN service plan.

Ideal to use it at home, or for businesses, such as café, restaurants, bars, shops and offices. Due to its compact and light weight design, couple with an universal adaptor (A/C : 110 /220V), it is perfect as a travel companion.

  • Portable and Compact
    Built-in power adapter, simply plug right into an electrical outlet.
  • One interchangeable WAN/LAN port and a LAN port
    Allow for flexibility to work in different operating modes.
  • Versatile USB port
    Easy to convert your 3G card to Wi-Fi signal
  • Multiple Operating Modes
    PlutoBoXX supports 3G, Router and AP modes to enable various wireless applications to give users a more dynamic and comprehensive wireless networking experience.
  • Provide a Micro USB
    PlutoBoXX has a Micro USB port and can be powered by an external power adapter or via a USB connection to a computer.